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Meet the Author

J. W. Kohler

I am a fun-loving dad/superhero to two little girls, with a lot of energy. Like most superheroes who have modest beginnings, my career began by writing bedtime stories for my kids.  My wife, an elementary teacher, encouraged me to publish my work.  Always looking for a new adventure, I decided to take it on.  In doing so I discovered a true passion.  

As a fitness/self-improvement junkie, I wanted to pass along the things I learned to my little girls.  I continue to see one self-improvement book after another speak about how as kids we had unlimited confidence and imagination and how we should strive to be kids again to live a more fulfilled life.  I wondered why we lost it in the first place.  My goal became writing stories to teach my kids these life lessons at a young age so that they never lose it.


So evolved my passion, reminding adults to have the confidence and imagination of a child, and teaching children to never lose it.  Hopefully, my blog posts inspire you to share the concepts with your children, and together we can make a positive impact on future generations!