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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog! For my first post, I wanted to expand on my bio and talk a little more about me and why I started this adventure. It will also allow you to go running and screaming the other direction. Please don't…

It all started by trying to make the best of a terrible situation, the COVID-19 pandemic. I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but would continuously find some excuse not to. I have a good-paying job. What if it doesn't work? How would I keep my house? What if I get eaten by a bear? Probably like most of you, COVID-19 brought a whole new fear. I wasn't as scared myself to get it, but was terrified and felt out of control concerning my children. What if they got it or worse, I gave it to them?

As a fitness/self-improvement junkie, I dug into my repertoire of audiobooks. I reminded myself of an important guiding principle, that successful people make opportunities out of challenges. With that mindset, I started to look at the good in the situation. I saw that despite kids crying in the background while on work calls, it was nice to be home all day with my wife and kids. Also, I had a lot more free time. I realized, there was no better time to take on an adventure and start something new.

I had once in my past thought about becoming an author, but that dissolved after I researched how to get a book published. I'm 37, have a career, and the thought of groveling to an agent and publisher to take on a book deal did not appeal to me. So I started watching YouTube videos and listening to audiobooks to try and figure out my entrepreneurial path.

First, I had the genius idea of the stock market. I have previously owned stocks, but I thought now might be the time to become a day trader. I knew the recent decline in the stock market was a great chance to buy. Armed with my YouTube knowledge, I set out to buy stocks that I thought would be most impacted by the pandemic. Airlines. The thought came out of nowhere and I realized I was a genius. I took 2 thousand dollars and diversified buying four airlines.

Sometime around June, my airline stocks shot up. I had more than doubled my money and I proceeded to brag to my wife about my new career as a stockbroker. Rather than selling, I decided to ride it out so that I could triple or quadruple my money. I had visions of yachts and fanning my wife with 100 dollar bills on the beach. Then Monday came and the stocks dropped. Not getting discouraged of a bad day, I held on tight. My stocks proceeded to drop over the next month almost to the point of where I purchased them at. Darn. Back to reality.

With renewed vigor, I came back with more passion. The thrill I got from my stocks going up was addicting. There has got to be more I can do then just my 9 to 5 job I thought. I continued to search.

It was around this time that my 4-year-old daughter began to have trouble sleeping. She did not want to be alone at night and would cry uncontrollably until my wife or I consoled her. I can't understand why with news of killer viruses all around... After 2 nights of her keeping my wife and I up until midnight crying, only to come in our bed after we fell asleep, I broke the cardinal parenting rule. I laid in her bed until she fell asleep. While it was an hour of my time, consumed by darkness, staring at stars from a nightlight, it beat the alternative.

My wife warned that I would never be able to leave and I had sentenced myself to an 8:30 bedtime. However, I kind of enjoyed it. With all the busyness of the day, it was nice to lay in solitude with my little girl and have time to think.

I started to use the time writing stories, typing with my thumbs on my cell phone in the darkness, which I would then share with my girls at bedtime. I also used the time to listen to audiobooks and watch YouTube videos on my phone about entrepreneurial ideas.

After sharing one of my stories with my wife, she told me it was really good. My wife is an elementary school teacher and is the type to always point out the pen-sized spot I miss when painting a room. Her telling me the book was good was a big deal. She asked for a copy of the story and shared it with others, who liked it as well. "Could I write children's books?" I thought. However, as before the publishing piece did not appeal to me and I pushed the thought away.

That night, being a warm pillow for my daughter, I began looking into self-publishing. It looked like a lot of work, but also looked kind of fun. It would allow me to exercise some of my entrepreneurial dreams. The rest is history, or at least another blog post because this one is entirely too long.

The take away is that I was filled with a new zest for life, and was able to turn the horrific terrible situation of the pandemic into one of success and self-fulfillment. As with my passion, these are the life lessons I want my children and others to take into the next generation. For imagine a world where when the next pandemic hits, rather than cower from inside our homes, our children can gain the courage to enjoy opportunities it brings and create new successes and solutions.

One final note, to all you first responders out there, or others who have bravely taken on your jobs during this pandemic, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are what has kept society functioning and your work does not go unnoticed. You eptomize courage by recognizing the dangers, but doing your jobs anyway.

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